About us


Biochemiq® was born in 1999 thanks to national and foreign investments, in order to bring research and knowledge about biological solutions to high academic and technological levels.

Knowledge at the genetic level opened up a spectrum of opportunities in the field of health; Biochemiq® set out to expand this knowledge and adapt it to the specific area of ​​animal health.

With a team made up of renowned and experienced specialists, with more than 35 years of research work for disease prevention, and young professionals, Biochemiq® dedicates its first years to deepening and adapting molecular techniques to the field of immunity. In this way, the company becomes a leader in genetic knowledge to provide biological solutions.

In 2005, Biochemiq® committed to the production of different lines of biological products in order to translate its knowledge into specific tools that promote the development of the livestock industry.

This is how Biochemiq®, entrenched in research, launches its line of vaccines and reagents in Argentina with the commitment to provide solutions that expand animal protection and welfare, that favor livestock productivity and generate better results for the industry.


We offer advanced biological products and solutions to extend protection, improve well-being and productivity in the field of medicine and animal health.


Consolidate and maintain the condition of leaders and specialists in advanced biological solutions, through research and development of the technological supports necessary for their production, in each and every one of the markets and regions in which we operate.


Those of us who are part of Biochemiq® represent the fundamental pillar for the development and growth of the company. Likewise, we share the values ​​that we consider essential at work to achieve the objectives we set for ourselves.


We are honest and we relate to those companies, businesses and organizations that share this value, respecting commitments, current laws and different corporate policies.

Permanent advance

We bet and believe in permanent progress through scientific research, the development of new technologies and creativity as fundamental bases to provide high-quality solutions that allow improvements in the area of ​​health.


We seek to expand the possibilities of protection and prevention for health and we apply the latest scientific and technological advances to develop each of our products.


At present, we aim to provide concrete tools that allow to promote and generate better results in the industries and contribute to well-being.


We focus all our efforts on consolidating and maintaining our leadership status in the markets and regions in which we operate, through the development of advanced product lines to provide the maximum possible efficiency.


We establish decisions committed to our own needs and also to those of our consumers, suppliers, allied distributors and the organizations with which we work. In this way we are able to achieve results that represent a benefit for the entire community.


We are responsible in determining all our actions and we contemplate their implementation considering the development of the people, companies and organizations with which we relate and the care of our environment.