> Influqim

Vaccine against Equine Influenza (Equine Flu)

Optimal immunity against Equine Influenza The update of molecularly verified strains raises quality standards, providing optimal protection against equine influenza.

2 ml.
Intramuscular Route

Foals 3-8 months of age: 2 doses, 4-8 weeks apart. Horses: 1 dose every 3 months (March, June, September and December). Equines used in rural tasks: 1 dose every 6 months or according to professional criteria.


Box containing 1 bottle of: 10 ml / 5 doses – 20 ml / 10 doses


Inactivated Equine Influenza Viruses Updated strains. Preservatives: Metorgan and Gentamicin; Adjuvant: Aluminum Gel.

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