> Rinoqim

Vaccine against equine rhinopneumonitis.

Minimize risks against equine abortion. The latest control, its exclusive Bioquick adjuvant and the incorporation of updated circulating strains, ensure high quality standards and optimal prolonged protection against equine abortion.

2 ml.
Intramuscular Route

Pregnant mares: Apply during the fifth, seventh and ninth month of pregnancy. In case of specific risk of exposure, vaccinate every 30 days. Revaccinate annually under the same health plan or according to veterinary criteria. Horses as from 4 months of age: apply 2 doses with an interval of 21 days, then revaccinate every six months or according to veterinary criteria.


Bottle containing 10 ml / 5 doses


Inactivated culture of Equine Herpes Virus 1. Preservatives: Metorgan and Gentamicin; Adjuvant: Polymers and Aluminum Gel.

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