> Brucelmiq REC

New generation vaccine for the prevention of infection and abortions caused by Brucella Abortus in Bovines. Delta-pgm rough strain.

Optimal protection against abortion and infection caused by Brucella abortus. Its exclusive Delta-pgm rough strain, developed through genetic engineering, allows for a vaccine that, applied in two doses, guarantees maximum protection against brucelia infection in the herd. BRUCELMIQ REC generates high protection against infection, preventing brucelic abortions and stopping the excretion of B. abortus in milk.


Subcutaneous route. Administer to calves between three (3) and eight (8) months of age, with the optimal age being five (5) months, and repeat its application between ten (10) months and fifteen (15) months, preferably at twelve (12) months. -Adult bovine females may be vaccinated, except those positive for Brucellosis or pregnant. -The revaccination of cows will be conditioned by the epidemiological situation of disease in the area of ​​the farm.


Each vial with lyophilized vaccine contains Brucella abortus strain Delta-pgm between 10 and 34 x 109 viable cells per 2 ml dose and not less than 3 x 109 CFU/ds at expiration. Each vial of diluent contains physiological solution pH 6.8.

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